About KRT


About KRT

Timmermans Bros.

KRT (short for Timmermans Bros.) has a rich history in the area of cable and metal recycling. Our knowledge and experience have led to the development of advanced mechanical separation processes which are unique within Europe.

KRT has over 60 years of experience in cable recycling. During that time we have accumulated expertise in processing difficult recyclable fractions, such as metal containing flows, originating from auto shredders and waste treatment plants. Our extensive knowledge of recycling technologies has resulted in the development of advanced shredder installations. We can proudly say that with our techniques we are a front runner in Europe. KRT furthermore has the proper sorting facilities for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

With our team of approximately 60 employees we are committed to convert your metal waste into profitable recycling flows. We are working hard and smiling often which is reflected in a very low absenteeism. We are productive and effective.


KRT works for major European recycling companies, but also for telecom companies, cable producers, metal traders and contractors.

We have enough production capacity available to process large-scale waste quantities.


With over 60 years of experience we have accumulated an extensive knowledge of cable and metal processing and recycling. KRT was founded in 1955 by Sam and Riet Timmermans. The first twenty years were devoted to the execution of demolition works. At the request of the federal government several vessels, including submarines and minesweepers, were dismantled. Furthermore, cable remnants were processed through cutting, stripping and burning (for which KRT possessed the necessary fire permits).

In the late seventies it became known that the burning of cables could no longer be justified from an environmental point of view and that it caused adverse health effects. KRT then started shredding cables.

In 1990, a second cable shredder was put into service and in the year 2000 we opened a second business branch at the location Windmolen 13 in Oud Gastel. In 2015 a new, state-of-the-art shredder installation was put into service at this location.

In 2009 our new location, situated at Boekerman 4 in Oud Gastel, was opened. This large, 3 hectare, location is mainly for the processing of difficult recyclable fractions.